Winter Scarves & December’s Challenge Calendar

Before I get to my Sat-ART-Day Challenge mani let me just share a picture of my blog post/challenge calendar for December… I hope to keep up with all the challenges, but can’t promise anything! LOL!

See all those different colors? They belong to different groups or challenges. A couple of them sync up with another group, but I wasn’t so lucky on the 24th. I have 3 challenges that day and all of them are different!! LOL!

OK enough boohooing onto the Scarf mani!!!!

This is what my scarf looks like.

It’s actually a cowl/hood that I found at TJ Max this year! 😀

Here it is stretched out a little!

I like how they turned out! 😀

What do you guys think of the hood type scarves? I was always a little iffy on them until I found this one! The pattern is funky enough to keep it from being old lady-ish! 😉

All the polishes are listed in my tags.



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