Today starts the Let It Snow Challenge! If you’re interested in this challenge click your way over to The Nail Challenge Collaborative on Facebook!

Here’s a look at the whole challenge!! You know how sometimes you join a challenge and think a couple of them may not be for you… I didn’t have that with this one! I ♥ all of them!! LOL!

As you can see above today is Snowflakes! I have several challenges this month involving snowflakes so I’m going to have to get my creative juices flowing! 😉 I decided for this first one I’d go a little “traditional”.

I started with Pure Ice-In The Mood. It took 4 coats to get to this point… you can still see a little visible nail line. I love this color, but I think next time I’ll start with a more opaque blue and top coat with this one! 😉

In real life the shimmer is fantastic on this polish. I couldn’t capture 1/2 of the sparkle it shows off with my camera! 😦

I stamped snowflakes from plates BM14 & BM319 with Konad White.

Then I added some small silvery iridescent glitter around the flakes.

This is the truest to color photo I got of the mani! I top coated with Nicole by OPI Top Coat Plus.

<===To see more snowflake manis click the link! 🙂



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