December Nail Art Society Bag

I got my first Nail Art society Bag last week!!!!

It has taken all my self-control to not post until now! I was like a little kid in a candy store when opening the package!

Here’s what was in the package this month.


The nail art theme this month was Dripping in Diamonds & they included an instruction card for how to achieve the look, but I forgot to photograph it!
In this month’s bag I received:
2 polishes. They are both Max Makeup Cherimoya matte-n-a brand. The silver one is called Blockbuster and the berry one is Mystery. I have photos lower down in the post, but for now I’ll just say I liked the polish, it was a one coater! It smells funny and the brush is kind of HUGE, but it went on well and I didn’t even have a problem with drag!
The Stella package standing up in the background has several sizes of rhinestones in it along with an orange stick. I used them on the mani for this post and they were very sparkly and pretty, just the way rhinestones should be. 😉
They also included nail glue for the rhinestones. I’m not a fan of using nail glue, I prefer top coat. I’ll probably end up using it for nail repairs instead.
Last but not least there was a container of Cherimoya Jasmine nail remover pads. I haven’t tried them out yet, but I’ll try to remember to let you all know what I think of them once I do.
I’m glad I joined mid November because just before my package came I received an email letting me know the monthly price was going up for new members!! Thankfully I am locked into the original price. 😀
So here’s what I did following the tutorial on the enclosed card. I was slightly disappointed that the card didn’t include a photo example with the tutorial, but the tutorial was very explanatory so I ended up not needing a photo after all. 😉
DSC02163gimpThey are definitely “Dripping In Diamonds”
Aren’t those polish colors gorgeous?
I’d never heard of this company before, have you?
DSC02161gimpI didn’t use a top coat because I wanted to keep the matte look of the polish!
I’m really excited to try the polish and rhinestones out separately on other manicures!
So far I’m happy with the first kit I received.
I’m not sure I would have signed up at the new price.
I looked up all the products in this kit and using the cheapest prices I found for each item it came out to $21.92 (including shipping, but not any tax). Since I paid for a full year my monthly price is $8.28… I feel like I’m getting a really good price for the kit!!!!


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