Wreath, Reindeer & Sleigh

I have two more challenge manis for you today! Unfortunately they didn’t sync up so I actually had to do two manicures!! LOL!

The first is for The 12 Days Of Christmas Nail Art Challenge- Wreaths

I had a hard time deciding what to do for this challenge! Once I decided on a design it didn’t turn out AT ALL!! I did one nail and gave up! 😦 I’m sorry guys, I think all these challenges sapped my creativity for this one!!

Although the mani is unfinished and didn’t turn out well I’m going to go ahead and post the fail! 😉

DSC02126OK you can see where I was going with this right? Now that I’m looking at it again I can see a few options I could have tried… maybe sponging a darker green would have given it some dimension and just using red rhinestones would have looked a little more like berries or lights. UGH!

I suppose at least I tried, even if I failed.

To see more Wreath manis click the link! 

The second challenge for today is Reindeer & Sleighs for the Winter Holiday Challenge.

This one turned out much better!

 sleighgimpI started with Orly Torrid then added the adorable stickers!

After my wreath mani I wasn’t up to anything too complicated! 😉

To see more Santa & Reindeer manis click the link!



8 thoughts on “Wreath, Reindeer & Sleigh

  1. What are you talking about? That wreath is adorable. I wish I would have thought to use rhinestones (or micro beads). And I like that it is only on one nail. If it was on all your nails, it would have been too busy. Be proud of what you did!

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