Happy New Year!!!

I probably won’t be doing every single one of these challenges, but I’m going to jump in here and there…

Today was Black & White!

I had so much drama with my first manicure of the year, I had to redo my ring finger accent nail twice then when I uploaded my photos to my computer the program froze and I lost them all! Of course it was 2 seconds after I had removed the mani so I had to redo the mani, rephotograph it and then re-upload them! LOL!

Not the way I planned my first mani of 2013!!! 😉

Thankfully it was a simple manicure so it wasn’t hard to recreate!!!

DSC02263I used Finger Paints- Black Expressionsim, Maybelline Color Show-Porcelain Party and Lush Lacquer salt n peppa!

I can’t tell you how much I love Lush Lacquer Polishes!!! I’m adding this to my Indie Page as a swatch also, so you can check out my review there!

Unfortunately the inlinkz for this 1st challenge doesn’t work in wordpress. 😦



4 thoughts on “Happy New Year!!!

  1. I love Lush Lacquer’s Salt n Pepa. I think I will do this challenge soon to sounds fun. I did the original one about this time last year so it will be fun to see what new things I can try to come up with

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