An Update & ChitChatNails » Ziploc Bag Tutorial

I’ve had all my manis for this month scheduled to auto-post due to having my gallbladder out on the 13th. I know, Happy Valentine’s Day to Us! LOL!

It was super rough the day of surgery b/c I didn’t come out of the anesthesia well. 😦

Thankfully I’ve had no pain from the surgery, so once the nausea passed Valentine’s Day was better and each day after that I am feeling a little stronger and staying up longer between naps. 😉 Naps are my friend right now!!! LOL!

If you follow me on instagram or twitter you’ve probably seen some pictures of me napping with my puppy and kitty this week, if not click the links and follow me! 😉

Today I’m feeling a million times better so I decided to throw and extra post in for you guys!!

Click the link below to see a great tutorial by ChitChatNails!

ChitChatNails » Blog Archive » Ziploc Bag Tutorial.



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