Duochrome, Flakies or Holo Polish!

Today’s New 31 Day Challenge is Holo, Flakies or Duochrome polish!

If you’re not sure what duochrome, flakey & holographic polishes are I’ll give you a quick rundown.

  • Duochrome: A nail polish that flashes different colours. These can be very strong flashes to faint.

You can find a picture of Duochrome swatches here.

  • Holographic: A polish that has rainbow coloured glitter and they look amazing in the sun!

You can find pictures of Holographic swatches here.

  • Flakies: Flakies are like mini opals shining all colours of the rainbow.

To see some Flakies swatches go here.

Remember this mani from earlier in the month?

DSC02441I wasn’t too excited about how it ended up looking, but I got photos from before I added the snowflakes and they were perfect for this new challenge!

DSC02439I used Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure, Barracuda as my base color. The flakies polish is China Glaze, Luxe & Lush which flashes iridescent blues and purples. My ring finger is Dandy Nails, Wingless. It’s Blue & Gold Flakes with Gold glitter suspended in a clear base. DSC02438 DSC02436 DSC02435



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