Saran Wrap

I’ve never done a saran wrap manicure so I watched several YouTube videos before trying this out!
It was so easy I don’t know what I was worried about now! LOL!
I started with 2 coats of Orly Frisky.
It’s such a gorgeous blue, and can you see that clearance sticker? I picked this up a few years ago at Sally’s for $1.99!!! 😉 I wasn’t even sure I wanted it, but for that price I grabbed it! Now I’m glad I did b/c I use it often!!
Next I added a coat of Orly Royal Navy. I’ve wanted this one for a while and just picked it up 2 weeks ago in the new bottle. 😮 YAY!
Although this was my first time using this technique I have a few tips for Saran Wrap manis:
  • Pick colors with good contrast. If they match too closely you might not get a good effect.
  • Make sure your 1st color is completely dry!!! If not when you add the second color and use the saran wrap it can lift the 1st color and leave naked spots! :”>
  • Work with one nail at a time. You don’t want your polish to dry before you can use the saran wrap!
  • This can be a very messy technique, after I did the 1st nail I thought about taping off the rest, but was too lazy so instead I made an effort to turn the saran wrap to a clean section each time I pressed it to my nail. This way I wasn’t transferring the lifted polish to my skin or cuticles. 😉

DSC02495I left my ring finger as an accent nail and added dots using Frisky.

I think I’ll be trying this technique out again with other colors! My hubby said it reminded him of a bowling ball and my daughter said I should have added a surf board to the accent nail!! I’m filing these ideas away for a later date!!!


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