Jurassic Era

Today starts a new Llama Nails Challenge!!

Inspired by Time Periods!

For this challenge we will be doing nail art that is inspired by different periods of our Earth’s history.

The rules are simple:

1. Each week you will create a manicure that has been inspired by the time periods for the week. It doesn’t matter how it inspires you, just have fun!

2. I will post an album cover prior to each weeks theme. Please place your photos in this album if you can. (I know it’s not possible from a phone…so no biggy if you don’t)

3. Please post your manis on Wednesday of each week….no sooner 🙂 You may however post anytime afterwards. I know how busy our lives get

4. Feel free to post a link to your blog post for each manicure if you have one. There is a list for the inlinkz codes in the files tab if you want to use those also.

5. Have fun, be creative and kind and make sure you leave the drama for the llama!

If any of you are interested in this challenge click your way over to Llama Nails on Facebook and join in!!!

OK, now to my Jurassic Era manicure! Here was my inspiration.

…and here’s what i came up with!DSC02637I decided I wanted to try a “fossil” manicure for this one… I’m not sure if this goes along with the time period, but it’s the first thing I thought of so I ran with it! LOL! This 1st picture is inside with flash and it actually showed truer colors than the outside pictures!!

DSC02640I really liked the glare in this picture so I decided to keep it even though it’s not color correct!!

This one is outside no flash. The sun was out, but we are expecting a snow storm. 😦

DSC02641This is also inside with flash. I think it shows the sponged on “rock” look really well!

I started with NYC Park Ave. then I dabbed Revlon Hot For Chocolate & Orly Faint Of Heart on with a makeup sponge. The fish and leaf pattern are from BM04 stamped with Konad Black.

<=== To see more Jurassic Era manis click the link!


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