Trying A New Technique

It’s day 17 of the New 31DC which brings trying a new technique. There are several things I haven’t tried yet, but this was at the top of my list…

Quilted Nails!

I did a kind of quilted skittle.

It’s not a totally new technique to me because it involves tape and I’ve done tape manis, but I’ve never tried one that had a specific design in mind. I was hesitant because it seemed like it would be hard to line up the tape properly.

DSC02627As you can see mine didn’t turn out perfect, but it was better than I anticipated!!

The colors are from a cute little pre-packaged set by Physicians Formula that I found at Ulta Beauty. I have to be honest I didn’t even know Physicians Formula made nail polish! LOL!

DSC02622They snap together!!! It’s called Physicians Formula-Endless Color Custom Nail Trio in the colorway Trendsetter Chic #7843. Cute right? I wish I’d gotten a picture of the side of the packaging, it had little pictures of mani ideas to do with this set. Wear them alone, french tip, half-moon, gradient. taped off, etc.

The polishes are REALLY SUPER THIN!!! It took 3 coats and I’ll be honest I really slathered that last coat on, so maybe they are more like 4 coaters!! LOL! The colors were pretty and very color accurate as to what they looked like in their bottles. They went on smooth and I only wore them for 1 day, but they didn’t show any wear at all before I took them off.

You can find the other color combos on their site here.DSC02618

I also used Spoiled Trust Fund Baby as a topper on 3 of my nails and the quilted nail has NYC Matte Me Crazy to make that quilted look.

The rhinestones are from one of my Nail Art Society Bags.



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