China Glaze Prey Tell

Today is You Oldest Untried day for the New Laid Back 31DC!
I honestly wasn’t sure which one was my oldest, but I think I was pretty close when I picked China Glaze Prey Tell!
DSC02813It’s a beautiful deep dark burgundy/brown! My husband said it’s the color of plum skin! 😉 I think that’s a pretty accurate description of this color! I love it!
I decided to add a some paisley stamping with Maybelline Express Finish Gold Rules.
DSC02815The gold stamping over Prey Tell was a perfect combo!
DSC02817Unfortunately my Gold Rules is starting to get really thick… almost too thick to use! 😦 It’s my favorite go to gold and I’ve had it for so long I can’t even remember when I bought it!!! I’m going to try to thin it a little with my Orly Nail Lacquer Thinner, but because it’s like a metallic foil I don’t know if that will ruin it or not.
Keep my Gold Rules in your thoughts today and hope for a fast recovery!! 😥


7 thoughts on “China Glaze Prey Tell

  1. This is gorgeous! I love me some dark polish with gold stamping and your placement of the paisleys is spot on! What stamp did you use?

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