America The Beautiful

Today’s New Laid Back 31 Day Challenge theme is Inspired by Your Country!

 I’m taking my daughter to check out a college this weekend! I’m a little excited and mostly sad to think that after next year she’ll be away at school. She’ll be a little over 4 hours away if she decides on the college we’re looking at tomorrow! 😥
This is the mani I’m wearing to college so I decided to schedule this post ahead.
DSC03109I used Pure Ice Siren, Orly White Tips, Revlon Royal and a bow from my last Nail Art Society bag.
I’ve been on the fence about the whole Nail Art Society thing. As I’m sure you’ve heard March’s bag didn’t even have polish in it. This Month’s bag did have some Kiss Nail Art Polish and these beautiful little bows 3 each of 12 colors. I was excited about the bows so I’m waiting for next month’s bag to decide if I’ll be keeping my subscription or not. 😉 If I cancel I think I want to try Square Hue!!


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