May Stamping #2

It’s manicure number 2 of The Nail Challenge Collaborative’s Stamping Month!!!
I was super psyched to do this mani that I recycled from yesterday’s Girly Girly Challenge Mani. It started out great and then went a little down hill! It’s not the worst mani I’ve ever done, but it is far from the greatest!
In case you didn’t see yesterday’s mani (by the way shame on you for not visiting me yesterday!) here’s a photo!DSC03163
Beautiful!!!! 😉 My daughter said they look like prom nails! YAY!! She just went to prom and these would have been gorgeous with her dress!!

OK, now that you’ve seen my little doll back to the nails!
I added a coat of China Glaze Innocence over yesterday’s fabulous glittery gradient!DSC03172Pretty yes?
DSC03175I could wear this ALL day!!
Remember a million years ago when I mentioned this is a stamping challenge?
I thought silver bows would be adorable with this soft sweet look!!
DSC03180I thought wrong! LOL! They kind of just blended into the glitter! 😦
I considered stamping back over them with a darker color, maybe black? or a lighter color, white?DSC03179
Then I felt so frustrated that I had ruined a perfectly gorgeous mani so I gave up and took a few photos! LOL!
Hopefully I’ve saved this miserable mani fail by showing you some pictures of my baby girl 😀
I should also mention the polish I used to stamp was Pure Ice Silver Mercedes and the plate was CH1.


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