Digital Nails my other car is a TARDIS

I got nail mail!!! 

my other car is a TARDIS by Digital Nails!

DSC03361You can see from the bottle shot that my daughter and I have used quite a bit of it already! LOL!

We each did our nails with it and I’m sporting it on my toes too! 😉

It’s a gorgeous blue jelly with 2 different shades of blue hex and micro glitter along with blue and holographic mini hex!

DSC03294This is how I started out. Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Co-Bolt Blue on my pinky and Pure Ice French Kiss on my ring finger.

DSC03298I have one coat on all nails in this photo. You can see that if you use and “underwear” polish you  can get beautiful results with one coat!DSC03301Here’s one coat on my index and two on all other nails. One coat was OK, but two coats are really pretty! You could wear it with two coats on naked nails for sure!

DSC03304Look at all the glitter!!

DSC03306Here I have 2 coats on my index and 3 on all the other nails. Digital Nails suggests 3 coats, but I took it a step farther! 😉

DSC03334Here I have 3 coats on my index and 4 on all other nails! You can see a marked difference with that fourth coat on my middle nail compared to 3 coats on my index! This is when I officially was in ♥ with this polish!

DSC03338Four coats over naked nails!!! Gorgeous! This is how I’m wearing it on my toes also!

DSC03341 DSC03347 DSC03349This polish is super packed full of glitter, which we all know can occasionally make it hard to use… but not with this polish!! The jelly was thick, but not so thick that it was hard to apply or took too long to dry. The glitter is amazing it lies on the nail perfect!!

I’m adding a full review to my Indie Page also!



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