Stamping Mani #4

First of all, have you guys noticed my nails have been changing lengths the last few posts? LOL! I usually try to schedule my posts at least 3 days and more often 1 week in advance… that way when life raises its ugly head (You know the one that doesn’t care about giving you time to paint your nails) I have time to catch up and not leave you guys hanging!! This doesn’t always work, but as a general rule it helps me. 

Sometimes I read through my challenge calendar and an idea pops out so I’ll do that challenge- a week or even a month ahead of time…

I recently cut my nails a little shorter, but I already had several manis scheduled for this month!

Back to the nails!

DSC03259I used Hard Candy Crush On Lava for my base. Isn’t it a gorgeous duo chrome? It shifts from burgundy, copper, yellowish gold and it even flashes a greenish color!

I stamped the stars over it using Maybelline Express Finish Gold Rules.

I took a million photos trying to get all the colors! LOL!


4 thoughts on “Stamping Mani #4

  1. I simply love this base color, thats totally my cup of tea. I think if i had to choose a color for all year around, i would go with one like this. What about you??
    Cute stars design.

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