1950’s Neon #2

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<=== Click to see more 1950’s Nails from The Llama Nails Time Period Challenge!

Once I decided on a jukebox for the 1950’s Challenge I knew I wanted to do it in neon!

Painting a Jukebox was soooo much harder than I expected it to be! LOL!!

DSC03575I started with Orly White Tips and used Lush Lacquer Haywire on my thumb, index and ring finger.

I painted the music notes with Sinful Colors Summer Peach and Dream On.


The album on my index finger was made with Cherimoya nailed it nail art pen Black! (which isn’t a pen… it’s a small nail art brush like Kiss Nail Art), Sinful Colors Nail Art Lazy Girl, SC Dream On and Orly White Tips.

My middle finger is the jukebox and I used SC Dream On, Summer Peach, Kiss Nail Art Soft Blue, SC Nail Art Me First Cherimoya Black!

I didn’t use a top coat because I like the matte finish of the neons contrasting against the gloss of the other polishes. 😉



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