It’s 1970’s day of the Llama NAils Time Period Challenge! At first I thought I was going to music related nail art… I was thinking Kiss or The Who, but then I remembered my Aunt Robin’s kitchen from when I was little and did some searching for 1970’s, owls, and 1970’s color pallets! I happened across this adorable owl mani and this 70’s-esque t-shirt. That’s when I knew what I was doing for this challenge! 😉
DSC03613How cute did this turn out!! I remember my Aunt being a super owl nut back in the day! If she were still with us she would love that there is such an owl craze going on now! 😀
I started the mani with Revlon Hot For Chocolate.
Yellow is Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Lightening
Orange/Red is China Glaze Rouguish Red
Green is OPI Green-Wich Village
I keep looking at the picture above as I’m typing and it amazes me that I only used 4 colors to get such a vibrant mani! I think I picked great colors for the 1970’s theme too!! LOL!



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