I had so much fun painting my 1990’s manicure this week!!
<== Click the link for more 1990’s manicures!
DSC03696Can you guess what my inspiration was? LOL!
DSC03700I was obsessed with Mario Bros. on Nintendo!!! Actually my whole family was… o_O
DSC03697I used Orly White Tips, Pure Ice Siren, and Vintage Glam, Revlon Hot For Chocolate, and Posh, Confettie Green With Envy, NYC Sidewalkers, Spoiled Designated Driver.
I am so proud of the way these turned out! I was really worried about freehanding the star and gold coin, but they actually were easier than the mushroom!
I started using a new top coat a week or two ago and I think it makes a HUGE difference in my manicures and photos! Did you notice I have less smudges and drag marks where my top coat pulls my nail art down my nail?
I picked up a bottle of inm OutTheDoor at Sally Beauty. I found the 2.5 oz. bottle on sale for a couple of dollars more than the .5 oz. bottle so I snagged it. I was worried about buying a ginormous bottle of it since I didn’t even know if I was going to like it, but it all turned out for the best because I haven’t had a problem with it at all! It dries fast- really, really fast! I haven’t tried it over stamping, but for regular nail art it doesn’t drag your polish down the nail and it has a super glossy finish!
I love when I find a new product to love!


14 thoughts on “1990

  1. I looove this whole look so much, super cute! The Piranha Plant is my favorite I think =D
    I wanted to let you know I used it as an inspiration for one of the looks on my blog ^_^ (with credit and linked back of course)

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