MIB Nails

<=== To see more Sci Fi nails from the I ♥ Nerd Nails Challenge click the link!

It’s Sci Fi day!!!

The hubby and both kids had different ideas for what I should do for this challenge… all that help started to give me a headache! LOL!! We all finally agreed on Men In Black. My son really likes the movie, my daughter was having fun dancing around the living room squealing about the forget stick (mind you she’s 17 and it’s called a neuralizer) the hubby thought it would be pretty easy for me to paint it on my nails and I figured it would easily recognizable.

Boy were we wrong!! LOL! I’m calling this a fail!! There are a few things I liked about the mani, and a few more that I didn’t! 😦

DSC03704I used Orly White Tips (I feel like I have started the last 10 manis with this same polish! and I don’t even really like white nails!) I used Cherimoya Black!, Pure Ice Silver Mercedes, Finger Paints Easel Come, Easel Go!, NYC Sidewalkers and a rhinestone for this mani.

DSC03703I liked the sunglasses on my middle finger before I painted the neutralizer on it. I hate how the neutralizer turned out!! I painted the suit and tie on my ring finger first and it ended up a little wonky, but the index finger suit and tie turned out better! I don’t have any serious complaints about my pinky, but I could have thickened the letters a little.

All in all I feel a little meh about this manicure. It’s not a favorite, but I don’t hate it either.



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