Tri Polish Mani #2

This month’s Tri Polish Challenge Mani colors are Blue, Blue, Green!

I tried another acid wash mani. I’m not super good at these, but I thought the colors would show through one another really beautifully!

DSC03797Nobody else in the house liked how this mani turned out!

DSC03794My neighbor even questioned what it was… but I actually really enjoyed this one!

I kind of feel like I’m looking down on earth from space! DSC03789I used Pure Ice Castle Of Dreams, Starry Night and Party Hard.

Castle Of Dreams is the same blue I just used on my Blueberry Mani! I think it took on a different hue when poking out through the green and navy! If you haven’t tried Starry Night and you’re a green lover you NEED to get it!! I don’t even really like green polish and I am head over heals for this one! It’s a little lighter than a grassy green but it has a beautiful shimmer to it! I didn’t catch the shimmer in these photos because of the layering. 😦

I did find a gorgeous swatch by Work Play Polish for you all!!

Is that not the prettiest green you have EVER seen??

To see her swatches from the rest of this collection go here!



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