I did Lego Nails!!

I was inspired by The Varnished Valkyrie and you can see her nails here.

I used polish instead of acrylic paint so some of mine didn’t turn out as crisp as hers did. 😦

DSC03885I started with one coat of Revlon Posh (Green), Orly White Tips (White), Pure Ice French Kiss (Blue), Sally Hansen Insta Dri Lightening (Yellow) and Butter London Pillar Box Red (Red) on each nail. The Lego nubs are 3 pieces of round glitter stacked. Once I had secured each piece of glitter with Gelous as my “glue” I painted each nail with a second coat of polish then top coated with OTD.

You can see my white Lego especially is a little more rounded… this was the thickest polish I used.

DSC03890I would suggest you use the thinnest polish you have if you want to duplicate this mani.

DSC03891My green Lego came out the best. I used Revlon Posh. It’s a very thin (almost watery) polish that laid down around the stacked glitter really well without building up around the edges like the white did.




14 thoughts on “Legos

  1. As much as i want to love these, i can’t help but say they make me feel a little uncomfortable. (this sounds so silly) but like, i keep imagining how my nails would feel with this look and it feels really heavy and uncomfortable, i think it’s just the white nails. the green one looks fab! they do look cool but i have to say its not something i would try out. (sorry this sounds so negative, it really isnt supposed to be!)

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