The Walking Dead


YAY! It’s The Walking Dead Day for the I ♥ Nerd Nails Challenge in Llama Nails!

DSC04018When I started this mani I was already wearing Pure Ice Speechless, which is a magenta pink. I decided to leave it on and just paint over it. I started by painting a thick coat of Finger Paints Don’t Make A Scene. I picked this color up at Sally Beauty on clearance awhile back. It’s not a color I would normally wear but I thought it might work as a base for nail art. I was sooo excited when I remembered I had it for this challenge!

DSC04020When it had almost dried I used a toothpick to scrape it up. I tried to be careful not to scrape all the way to my natural nail because I liked the look of Speechless showing through.

DSC04021I also tried to keep some of the excess polish hanging from my tips to get that extra level of gore! 😉

I added a little Pure Ice Kissing Cupid to darken up the pink then it wasn’t quite dark enough so I mixed a little Sinful Colors Black On Black in with it and highlighted the darker spots.

When I thought they looked gross enough I top coated with NYC Matte Me Crazy.



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