DSC03966Pure Ice Crushed is another Velour Finish from the Runway Nail Trends Collection of 2013.

This was the color I was most excited about getting from the collection and it does not disappoint! It’s a gorgeous gold velvety, suede polish that applied in two easy coats.

Here are my tips on velour, matte, suede finish polishes.

  • Apply a thin first coat. It will be super streaky and hideous, don’t get nervous… you’re gonna look great!
  • Don’t go back over strokes until they have dried completely. You’ll just be pulling the polish back off.
  • You can do a thicker second coat (after the first coat is completely dry) or 2 more thin coats to get a full coverage look.
  • Don’t add top coat. You can add top coat, but then you’re not wearing a matte, suede or velour finish.

DSC03969I feel all Cleopatra-ish when I wear this polish! LOL!



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