Chevron Favorite Artist

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So today is the end of Llama Nails Inspired By An Artist Challenge. 😥 I had a blast with this one, even though a few of the challenge artists were sooo hard to reproduce or even take inspiration from!

I had a second challenge mani due for today ( Chevrons for Crumpets Nail Tarts #33DC) so I joined the two!

I have a few artists I really enjoy, but they wouldn’t have coordinated with my chevron challenge so I ended up taking inspiration from Natalie Dee!!

I love her daily posts, they almost always make me chuckle! I wish I had some of her polish (Super Black)to do this mani, but alas I haven’t had the chance or the money to order any yet… 😦

If you haven’t read any Natalie Dee comics you need to haul your butts over to now so you can giggle with me! Oh and check out her Super Black Laquers too! 😀 Cannibal, Bazillions & Weird Girl are at the top of my wish list now!

DSC04516OK so I can’t even tell you how excited I am with how these nails turned out!!!

I used Orly White Tips, Orly Matte FX Iron Butterfly & Pink Flakie Top Coat plus I added the chevrons and Natalie Dee with pink and black sharpies!



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