Today is the first day of a new challenge in Llama Nails Facebook Group! It’s a Holiday Challenge and our first day is Oktoberfest!!!


I had grand ideas for this one, and repainted two of my nails twice before giving up and going a simpler route for the THIRD try!! LOL!

DSC04578I’m super happy with how they ended up, but I wish my original idea had turned out too! 😦

My index and pinky nail (the trouble makers) are Fresh Paint Coconut and Feenix Polish Falling For You. The middle finger beer nail is one coat of Pure Ice Crushed, SuperStar and a topper of essie Luxeffects Shine Of The Times. The pretzel ring nail is Coconut, then I mixed a bunch of browns and coconut to get a pretzel color and topped it with Shine Of The Times also.

I’m not a beer drinker so today isn’t my favorite holiday… maybe that’s why I had so much trouble!! 😀 I’m in love with my little pretzel though!!

Do any of you celebrate Oktoberfest?

To see more Oktoberfest manis click the linky below



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