It’s A Color Feast!

If you follow my Facebook page you know I posted a photo of my color inspiration for today’s mani! If you DON”T follow my Facebook you missed out. 😉  and really you don’t follow my Facebook? 😥

OK so this was my inspiration.

I’m super into the jewel tones, they feel like fall without being over the top orange and green!

I love to check out color pallets and draw inspiration from them, but I don’t often go full on copycat colors- which is just what I did for today’s mani! 😀

Here’s the run down on what colors I’m wearing.

  • Thumb- NYC Sidewalkers
  • Index- Afterthoughts Pacifica
  • Middle- China Glaze Shower Together (One of my all time favorite teal colors)
  • Ring- I didn’t have a dusky purple like the one in the palette so I had to mix one using Orly Charged Up! and Revlon Iconic. I didn’t get an exact color match, but it was really close! 😀
  • Pinky- China Glaze- Seduce Me (I originally bought this b/c of the name, but ended up loving it! I use it A LOT)

DSC04601I really liked how these turned out and wore them while running errands yesterday. You can see I didn’t get a picture of them until this morning and they had a little wear on them… This morning I decided to amp them up a little with some stamping! I used plate BM_209 and Pacifica.DSC04607

I stamped all but my index b/c it already had Pacifica on it. I usually keep my ring or ring & middle fingers as accent nails, but it’s unexpectedly fun having my index be the odd one out!!

So what do you think? Do you accent only specific nails or are you way more bad ass than me?



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