Merry Christmas!!!

Today’s post isn’t supposed to go up until tomorrow, but I figured you would all be busy with family so I’m posting today!! 😉

Today’s Llama Nails theme is Christmas and I started out with a mani I thought I would love… but I didn’t! I liked the two parts separate, but not together.

DSC04748See what I mean? The ornaments are super pretty and that tree… well the tree is just amazing, but they just didn’t go together AT ALL!!!

So then I tried this instead.DSC04749OMG is this not just gorgeous!? I have a bunch of different stuff going on here so let me give you a breakdown.

All my nails started with a base of Pure Ice SuperStar!

Thumb: Sinful Colors Exotic Green & Finger Paints Curator’s Crimson

Index: Pure Ice I’ll Behave

Middle: stamped with CH8 and Konad Red then striped with LA Colors Art Deco Red Glitter

Ring: SC Exotic Green & Polish Me Silly tree-mendous (formerly LushLacquer)

Pinky: Polish Me Silly peppermint kisses (formerly LushLacquer)

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year



2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!!!

  1. Nicely done, Ang! I think the first mani might’ve gone wrong by using two different base colors. Using the same red (I’d say the glittery one from the tree nail) on all nails would’ve tied them together, I think. Either way, they’re not that bad, really. Also, I love those Polish Me Silly polishes!

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