Non-Traditional Valentine Skittlette

I was reading an older blog post by ChitChatNails about Skittlette manicures. She explains them really well and hands down has the best skittlette (and other) manis EVER!

I don’t think I’ve ever seen her do a “bad” manicure! LOL!

After reading her post, which also includes a link to an article/interview So Nailicious did with her  I was super jazzed up about doing my skittlette! I’ve done this type of mani before without knowing what it was called and I’ve possibly done some manis that I called a skittlette that technically weren’t! LOL! So I learned something new and was inspired to try my own.

I had a helper today.


I know she’s such a chunky monkey!

I wanted to do something Valentine’s Day-ish, but wasn’t into the reds and pinks (I have a couple of those planned for later this month) so went with a non-traditional purple, blue & silver theme!

DSC04939First off please excuse my cuticles! No amount of cuticle oil is helping now… We’re having -4 degree weather right now mixed with my crazy hand washing I just can’t keep them moisturized enough! (I’m scheduling this post ahead of time so it’s actually January 22nd, hopefully by February 2nd our temps will have risen back into the 30’s!)

I started with Sally Hansen Insta Dri Co-Bolt Blue on my pinky then sponged some Orly FX Gravity Bound on the tip. My ring finger and thumb are Pure Ice Silver Mercedes I stamped my ring finger with the image from W102 & Co-Bolt Blue and sponged Gravity Bound on my Thumb. My Middle and Index nails are Pure Ice No Means No with some Silver Mercedes stamping from W102 on my middle and more sponging of Gravity Bound on my index!



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