Valentine’s Day Indie Style

I recently IG’d a pic of my Valentine nail mail from The Hungry Asian. I finally got a second to make a post about it!

First let’s talk about her packaging. As soon as I opened the box I saw this.DSC04978Ignore those unpainted nails!! I was ready to use this polish the second it came in the door! I actually had to wait because it was soooo cold the day it came! I love when companies send a little hand written note with their product!! I felt like she made this polish just for ME! ♥

DSC04977Once I pulled back the white tissue paper this was in the box! Isn’t it just beautiful!?!? I saved the ribbon to use on a scrapbook page or card! LOL!

DSC04979They were wrapped very securely in bubble-wrap inside that gorgeous packaging.

DSC04980After tearing into the bubble-wrap I got to these beauties! Lovey Dovey & Smitten!

DSC04981Here’s a close up of Lovey Dovey it’s matte pink hearts and dots, matte grey hex, white and black square and black hearts with fine silver in a clear base.

I used it over Pure Ice Speechless.

DSC04994 DSC04995This is one coat. I had to do a little fishing to get hearts on all my nails, but not much. The rest of the glitter picked up and slid of the brush very easily and I didn’t place any of it!

Next up Smitten!

DSC04982Smitten is a glitter top coat with satin red, pink and white hearts with fine red and pink in a clear base that shimmers gold.DSC05006I used it over Pure Ice Silver Mercedes.

DSC05008I stamped with Konad Red & BM-H18.

DSC05012This shows one coat of Smitten. The first coat gave me a heart on almost all my nails, but I wanted more… so I went fishing!!! It was the same if not slightly better than Lovey Dovey not to hard or time consuming to get the amount of hearts I have shown in the above pictures.

You can see a few bubbles in this close shot and I want you all to know it was not b/c of Smitten. I shook my top coat and then used it right away… I don’t know what I was thinking!!



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