Bright Brushstroke Mani

Today I have a brushstroke mani for you!

I was so nervous to try this technique so I looked a tutorial and found this Robin Moses Video and this Gorgeois Tutorial. They’re both great so if you’re thinking about trying the brushstroke mani out take a look at them. I really liked the look of the brushstroke french mani Robin Moses did so I went for it!

I started with Orly French Manicure Golden Halo & White Tips.

I used Sinful Colors Dream On & Neon Melon, Finger Paints 220 Volts, Wild Child & Like Clockwork. Lastly I added essie luxeffects Shine Of The Times and then top coated with Posh Top Coat.

I tried it out as an accent nail too!

To see more Brushstroke manis click the link!


8 thoughts on “Bright Brushstroke Mani

  1. Yanno I didn’t think about it at the time but I bet Robin’s video was somewhere in the recesses of my mind when I did mine over the french tips as well. You did an awesome job – love the semi-rainbow effect!

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