Water Spotted Nails!

I’ve had so much trouble with my nails as of late! Lots of peeling and chipping corners happening. 😦 I admit I haven’t been super good about using my Nail Magic, but I also feel like maybe I need to switch things up a bit so when I saw Sally’s had buy 2 get one 1/2 off nail polish I decided to try the Nail Tek line. I picked up Step One (which is just a primer), Foundation 2 (a ridge filling basecoat and strengthener), and Intensive Therapy 2 (for soft peeling nails).

I shaped my nails and used the 3 part system. I tend to go for a squoval shape… I really like the look of a square nail, but tend to have trouble chipping corners when I wear them for more than a day!

Here’s my day one photo.

DSC05082OK now let’s get to the fun stuff!

It’s Water Spotted day for the Llama Nails Technique Challenge!

Llama Nails-020Water Spotting in similar to water marbling! You use water, drop polish into it and then find what works for you to get it to separate into spots! I use an alcohol based makeup prime & set spray! Most tutorials I watched and read said they use hairspray or spray hand sanitizer!

When I first picked these colors out I intended to work on last week’s skittle mani, but then it all just seemed to work better for the water spotted nails instead! LOL

DSC05095So I started with a coat of FINGER PAINTS Black Expressionism on my thumb & pinky, ORLY White Tips on my Index & middle finger and SINFUL COLORS Outrageous on my ring finger! I love the pink & black combo so much!

DSC05092I used all the above colors for the dots on my pinky plus I used MAYBELLINE COLOR SHOW POLKA DOTS Pretty In Polka on my ring, index and thumb nails. I sponged my middle nail with SC Outrageous and my index with FP Black Expressionism.

DSC05089I water spotted my middle nail with Black Expressionism and my index nail with Outrageous then Black Expressionism! Phew! That sounds like a lot of work, but it went really fast! 😀

I’m super into all the different ways I incorporated dots (and spots) into this mani!

<== To see more water spotted nails click the linky!



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