Happy 4th!

I have several photos to share today. I’ve been stockpiling all the looks I wore this week, and I have the one I finally chose for today. Plus I have some swatches of the Pure Ice Sparks Fly Collection I picked up at Wal-Mart!

Let’s get started!! (If you follow me on Instagram you’ve seen a few of these already!)

unnamed (3)This is Pure Ice Pretty “N Patriotic. It’s a gorgeous matte white that went on really easy!The photo above shows 2 coats and it didn’t pull or drag at all on the second coat! I usually have a ton of trouble with white so I was pleasantly surprised how easy this was to apply!

DSC05174I Pledge Naillegiance is my favorite out of this collection! It’s a gorgeous bright matte blue! I thought it looked a little light in the bottle for patriotic nails, but it ended up being the perfect shade! I also have an accent nail of Sparks Fly in this photo. All the press release photos I saw show Sparks Fly as a blue & red glitter with silver star glitters. Mine is Blue & Silver with silver holo stars. I did not place any glitter in this photo.

DSC05170Next up we have Lady Liberty is not a true red. In the bottle it almost looks like a deep coral red. I hesitated buying this one b/c I hadn’t seen any swatches of it. I am so glad I went ahead and got it! It’s a matte tomato red on the nail, but not the coral I had anticipated. (Thank goodness) The only “problem” I had with this one is that it is NOT full coverage. You can see in my photo I have some visible nail line. You could do a red or white base and remedy this so it’s not s super big deal unless you are short on time.

You can see in this photo I used a top coat on my accent nail to show how gorgeous Lady Liberty looks glossy also!

DSC05177Here’s a shot of all three of the matte polishes with a coat of Sparks Fly. I actually tried fishing for the stars for this photo and came up short. The formula was very runny and it was hard to capture the stars. 😦 I don’t often have a complaint about a Pure Ice polish and I love the matte polishes in this collection, but I could have done without the glitter topper.

DSC05178DSC05183Here’s a little comparison. I started with 2 coats of Pretty ‘N Patriotic On my index & ring finger is 1 coat of Sparks Fly from the Pure Ice Sparks Fly Collection. My middle & pinky have 1 coat of Freedom. Freedom is from the Pure Ice Stars & Stripes Collection last year (2013). Had my Sparks Fly had red glitter it would have been an exact opposite of Freedom and that would have been awesome!!!

DSC05188Here’s my first Patriotic Mani of the year.I’m not super happy with this one, but it was basically just practice anyway! LOL The stripes on my pinky are Laser Strands (Red Dragon). I bought them from Dollar Nail Art.

unnamed (1)This was the start of

unnamedthis mani. I should have waited for my polish to dry a little more before top coating. 😦unnamed (2)Next up was this gorgeous mani using stamping plate Winstonia W107 and Bundle Monster BM-H25. I think this is my favorite look I wore this week! ♥DSC05206So then I went with a fireworks sort of look!

DSC05214This is what I’m actually wearing on my left hand today as I type this post

DSC05216and this is my right hand look!

I don’t often wear the same mani on both hands, and I almost never match my two different manis so today is special! I knew I wanted to try two different looks, but I wanted them to compliment each other so I went with the same base colors and then tried out different designs. I’m super into how they turned out! LOL!

I mostly used the Pure Ice Sparks Fly collection for these manis so if you have any questions about a specific mani leave it in the comments! I hope you are all enjoying your 4th Of July festivities!!



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