The Hangover

Today starts the Llama Nails Inspired By Movies & Books Challenge and our first prompt is Comedy! The first thing that popped in my head for this one was The Hangover!

DSC05231I had so much fun with these! Alright can you guess what each one stands for?

Just in case it’s not clear I’ll help you out.

  • Pinky– Am I missing a tooth?
  • Index– Where’s Doug?
  • Middle– Who’s baby is this?
  • Index– I stole a police car!?


LOL! I love how Alan turned out!! I wish My nails hadn’t broken b/c it would have been fun to add the baby on this one too!!!

<+++ click to see what movies or books my lovely Llama friends were inspired by! !XO XO XO_srprz49-SSC-UC


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