Braveheart Nails

Today is Historical Mani Day for the Llama Nails Challenge!

Guess what movie my challenge mani is based on…

DSC05321Did you guess Braveheart?

  • My index nail is done in the pattern of his kilt. I used Sinful Colors Exotic Green, essie Orange, It’s Obvious and an unknown brand named Yoda.
  • My middle nail is his sword using Pure Ice Shore Bet, Revlon Hot For Chocolate and Sinful Colors Silver Solution
  • My ring nail is his face paint. I used Pure Ice Super Star! & Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Bright Blue
  • My pinky is a wooden shield! I have several layers on this nail trying to get the effect I wanted. I started with PI Shore Bet but decided it was way too light so I painted a coat of Sinful Colors Race Rubber then sponged Revlon Hot for Chocolate over that I used OPI Sonata in Bronze for the center medallion and added a little SC Silver Solution to it also.

<=== Click the link to see more nails inspired by HISTORICAL BOOKS/MOVIES

!XO XO XO_srprz49-SSC-UC


4 thoughts on “Braveheart Nails

  1. Ya know – I still have never seen that movie! I know the story from history but was never a Mel fan other than The Year of Living Dangerously. But good idea – tho I would have not a clue what to put down for symbols of Bravehart!

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