The Last Of The Catch Up Manis

Hello lovelies! I have a few more catch up manis to show you today! I just have not had the time to post as often as I’d like, but I want to show you all the manis my daughter & I have worn! LOL!

Today we are going to start with the Llama Nails Thriller Mani from Wednesday! Caity ThrillerMy baby girl decided to go with Psycho Nails for this one! I love that bloody hand print!

Click the link to see more THRILLER nails!

Wednesday was also OMD2’s Negative Space day so I tried out a negative space technique using cotton swabs to clear polish from the nails.

DSC05344This was fun to try, but I definitely need some more practice at it! 😉

Yesterday was Fruit Day for OMD2.

Caity Fruit-001Baby girl threw on some strawberry nails for this one!

That catches us up to today’s challenge for OMD2 NAils!



This was her first attempt at roses and they turned out so freaking adorable!! I love the nude with black, red & gold!!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s nautical nails!! 😀

!XO XO XO_srprz49-SSC-UC


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