Nautical Nails

Just one mani today, and it’s even my mani (not my daughter’s LMAO!) She’s been torturing me about being such a slacker this month! Thank goodness I had her helping me out! 😉

Today’s prompt for the OMD2 Challenge was Nautical! I love a good nautical nail and the day I did these our power was out for 5 hours, so it was a nice distraction!


It was fun to do a mani with no distractions for once!! 😀

For this mani I used: Sinful Colors Endless Blue, Fresh Paint Lucky, Konad White, Plate QA5 and I don’t know where the red bows came from, but I have 3-4 in a bunch of different colors! If I’m just doing a quick challenge mani that I’m not going to wear for a while I stick them on with whatever clear polish is out closest to me, when I actually plan to wear these out somewhere I use crazy glue and I’ve never had one come off until I wanted it to! 😉

Click to see more NAUTICAL NAILS!



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