The Prophecy

It’s “B” Movie day for the Llama Nails Inspired by Movies& Books Challenge!

My daughter and I are hardcore “B” Movie watchers and it was tough to pick just one! I ended up going with The Prophesy! We re-watched it (and The Prophecy 2) while I did my nails! LOL! I even started watching the 3rd one, but then it was time to get dinner started… I haven’t seen the 3rd one so I’ll have to try to finish it tomorrow! 😉

DSC05384In case you haven’t watched The Prophecy recently My index nail is when the Devil bursts into birds (Bats?). The feather from the Indian cleansing Mary gets to get rid of the extra soul she is carrying around with her. My ring finger is supposed to be the hand written bible from the movie, but I used a new technique and it went awry. 😦 The last one is the symbol from the front of the Bible. I also used this tutorial for the feather.


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