GOT Glitter Topper

It’s Golden Oldies Thursday and today’s prompt is Glitter Topper!

I have so many glitter toppers and it’s hard to decide which one is my oldest. I chose Revlon Go-Go for this one.I don’t know if it is my oldest glitter topper, but it is pretty old so I think we’re safely in the bounds of the challenge. 😉 Lucky for me I chose to do this challenge on the day my daughter was here working on another challenge I already posted about (glitter placement for the OMD2 Challenge) and Go-Go went beautifully with her glitter placement mani!

I love to recycle a mani!

Here is the original glitter placement mani.Caity Glitter placementand here it is after Revlon Go-Go!Caity Glitter topperI always get excited when I find a topper that matches up with one of my polishes so well! It’s nice when you want to change your mani up a little. This topper would be really cute as dots or a french! 😉

To see more GOT Glitter Toppers click the link!



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