It’s Romance day for the Llama Nails Inspired by Movies/Books Challenge!!

I went a little crazy and decided to do Fifty Shades Of Grey for this one! LOL! It doesn’t exactly show the common love story, but (in my opinion) it IS a love story non the less! (My daughter and I argued for at least 10 minutes over this one b/c she swears it IS NOT a love story in any way… Let me know what your opinion is in the comments!! 😉

DSC05427I know I didn’t get too high-tech with this one, but what did you expect for a mani inspired by 50 shades of grey!?!? LOL! I did a simple ombre (with my pink & Ring nails switched).

Here’s a list of polishes I used! (Starting from the pinky)

NYC Sidewalkers

China Glaze Sea Spray (Stamped with Smokin & CH10)

Orly Faint of Heart

Sinful Colors Smokin

Revlon Iconic

<== Click the link to see more Romantic manis!!



2 thoughts on “Romance

  1. I’ve been loving greys lately, so I really like this one.

    As to 50 Shades – haven’t read it, don’t plan to. I’ve no idea whether it’s a love story or not, but I like the fact the you had a discussion about it. : )

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