Burgatory Nails

The hubby and I took the kids to Burgatory a few days ago.My daughter saw a sign advertising this place a few months ago and it is all she has talked about since then! She will be leaving for college in a few weeks so we decided we had better get on the ball and take her!

They claim to have a helluva burger and heavenly shakes… and they’re not lying!

She and I shared a Coffee & Donut shake!coffee and donuts shaleThe first half was AWESOME, then the donuts got mushy and it was a little weird.

yummy shakes

It was so hard to choose what to get, everything sounded delicious!menuIn the end my hubby got The Standard Deluxestndard deluxeMy little man and baby girl got the Meat Your Maker

colt burgatory meat your makerand I got the Elk Gone Wildelk gone wildMy daughter and I went halvesies and shared our burgers! (Mine was better) 😉

Here’s a little Burgatory Selfieburgatory selfie

This adventure wouldn’t be complete without Burgatory nails right!?!?

Here are mineburger nailsand here are hersDSC05433I’m going to miss my girl when she goes to college! I’m glad it’s only an hour away!! 😥



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