Inspired by Music & Silence of the Lambs

The video below may not be safe for work…

I decided to combine 2 challenges into today’s mani! First up I have Inspired by Music for the Finger Food’s Theme Buffet Challenge and also Inspired by a Crime Novel or Movie for Llama Nail’s Challenge!!

I chose Silence Of The Lambs for both of these challenges… in particular the part where Buffalo Bill is dancing to Goodbye Horses the song by Q Lazarus.

DSC05487I was inspired by the robe he is wearing while dancing in that scene.

I started with a splotchy crazy base using: Revlon Gold Coin, OPI Gold Digger’s Delight, Pure Ice, Iced Copper, Sweet-Tart, CQ2 152, Cherimoya matte.n.a Mystery and petites Napa Merlot.

Next I added the blue line using a Kiss Nail Art brush in blue added some splotches using Gold Coin and then coated it with JulieG King Creole.

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One thought on “Inspired by Music & Silence of the Lambs

  1. Thanks for including a photo as well – I rarely look at tutorials on blogs – I am on the fly when going through my new ‘stuff’ and I tend to just skip over those that show it all in video only – and I KNOW I am not the only one with these habits.

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