Swatching Saturday

While I was swatching Pure Ice Sea Glass last week I kept thinking I had another polish that was very similar. After a few minutes of looking I found it Pure Ice Rescue Me!

Here they are side by side.DSC05408Sea Glass is on the left and Rescue Me on the right.

Here’s a close up.

DSC05409They look very similar right? You can see in the close up that they are not dupes, but if you were just glancing at them in your drawer it would be hard to tell them apart.

DSC05412You can see here that Rescue Me and Sea Glass are both green glitter jelly polishes. That is where the comparisons end! LOL!

  • Rescue Me is very pigmented and has very fine glitter that flashes blue to green. Although the bottle is chock full of glitter,it is very subtle on the nail. This polish has a slight texture that could easily be tamed with any top coat.
  • Sea Glass is hardly tinted green and has fine to small glitter. The micro glitter flashes blue to green and the small glitter flashes orange to pink. You can see it has a TON of glitter in it! This polish also has a texture, but it’s actually lighter texture than Rescue Me! o_O

I was worried before I got them out of the drawer that I had bought a double or a dupe, but it is clear that while these two polishes ARE similar they are not even close to being a dupe! 😉

These polishes were bought by myself and these are my personal opinions of this brand and their polishes. I was not compensated for this review.

You can find Pure Ice nail polish exclusively at Wal-Mart.



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