JulieG Bourbon Street Swatch

Hi all! I haven’t done much nail art as of late, but I have been working on swatching the JulieG Mardi Gras Collection! I found these at Rite Aid & bought 3, after I tried them out I went back for 3 more!! LOL!images

I hadn’t seen any swatches from this collection prior to buying the first 3 so I had no idea what to expect! I was pleasantly surprised that they were textured! I don’t have many textured polishes but my favorites are the JulieG Frosted Gumdrop Collection. This collection has that same texture with a lot of chunky glitters!!

This post is dedicated to JulieG’s Bourbon Street, from the Mardi Gras Collection!

First up I want to show this polish on it’s own. Bourbon Street is a grey/black jelly base with tons and tons of glitter in many colors and sizes. I’m including several close ups of this so you can really see the colors when you scroll down!

DSC05550My pinky is one coat, ring finger is 2 coats, middle finger is 3 coats and my index finger has achieved full coverage at 4 coats! This polish could go from being a “glitter topper” to worn alone with no undies!!


Here’s a close up of 4 coats on the left and three coats on the right.

DSC05552Another closeup, this time of one coat on the right and 2 coats on the left. You can see the “sugar” texture really well on my pinky!

Next up I have a little nail art using this polish!

DSC05495My pinky is JulieG Rock Candy. My ring & index fingers are essie Trophy Wife with a black rhinestone & Salon Perfect Matte FX over it. My middle & thumb nails are Spoiled The Parking Meteor Expired (which is a dark teal pearl) and then 1 coat of JuliG Bourbon Street.

Both Rock Candy & Bourbon Street are matte on their own and are shown with no top coat!

While I was photographing these manis on the front porch this afternoon, a few of my hens came to visit so I snapped a quick shot of them.


Aren’t they adorable!?! I love their little mustache/beards! They were checking to see if I was going to throw down some treats! When I had nothing to offer they ran back to the rest of the flock to tattle on me! 😉


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