JulieG Mardis Gras

I’m here with a Swatching Saturday post (one day late)!

I know I already did a post about JulieG Bourbon Street, but I have the rest of the collection to show you today!! I originally bought three of these beauties and ended up going back for the other three!! LOL

purchased myselfI just couldn’t resist that sugary texture and beautiful glitter!!!

First let’s recap Bourbon Street!DSC05551It was a gorgeous sparkly, sugared matte polish with tons of color!!! OH I am just in love with this polish collection! LOL! Next up we have King Creole!DSC05562

I’m not an orange and yellow fan, but OMG this polish is so perfect for Fall!!! King Creole is a nice yellow jelly base packed full of , & gold glitter!! The photo above shows one coat on the pinky, 2 coats on the ring nail, 3 on the middle and 4 on the index. DSC05515

I decided to try a little nail art using this polish! I used Spoiled Designated Driver, JulieG Tangerine Dream, Sinful Colors Laced Up & Clementine for this. 😀

Next up I have Costume Ball!DSC05483

How gorgeous is this polish? I have it over Finger Paints Black Expressionism, but it actually has a blue jelly base! This polish is full of blue, pink, green, gold and magenta polish in several sizes! I added a top coat to my ring nail so you all can see these polishes are simply beautiful matte or glossy! The top coat actually took away most of the gritty feeling of the matte glitter too!! 😉

This brings us to Jamboree.


Once again I have 1, 2 ,3 & 4 coats on my nails starting the first coat on my pinky! This one is lime green, kelly green and even a more forest/blue green in all shapes and sizes of glitter floating in a pretty green jelly base. ourpainted

I also added a coat of it over Fresh Paint Honey Dew! I love the way the jelly base helps to make it a pretty gradient on my pinky & index nails!!

Up next I have Trinket!


Pretty right? As with the others I have 1-4 coats. I loved the look of this one with just the one coat! It’s like pink sugar with sprinkles!!! The fourth coat gave me almost full coverage. I could have dabbed a little to cover the free edge nail line.


Here it is over Orly Purple Crush and Sinful Colors Fusion Neon. I liked it best over Purple Crush! I alternated 1 & 2 coats on every other nail.

Last, but not least I have Masquerade.

DSC05590Masquerade is a  pretty blue jelly base with blue, silver and magenta glitters. This photo shows 1-4 coats. The 3rd & 4th coat were pretty close as far as coverage. If you use the more of a dab rather than a swipe 😉 it may be full coverage in 3 coats.



Here it is over Sinful Covers Dream On. I like that the jelly base is so sheer that it barely changed the look of Dream On.

I really loved all 5 of these polishes! I like the texture and build-ability of them. The colors are gorgeous and the amount of glitter packed into each bottle is amazing! It’s pretty awesome that they can be worn alone or with undies too!

Let me know if you have tried any of these, I look forward to incorporating them into more nail art and skittlettes!!


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