Sea Glass

I picked up several of the Jesse’s Girl Satin Finish Polishes at the drug store this weekend! Unfortunately they didn’t have amethyst. 😦 If you follow me on IG you saw a couple of pictures I posted… one of the bottles and one of my current mani! I couldn’t wait to try out Sea Glass, a beautiful deep jewel tone teal green! purchased myself

As the name implies these polishes dry to a pretty satin finish. You can add topcoat for shine, but I was on my way out the door and didn’t have time to try adding a design with my top coat, I plan to try it out on the next swatch I do!

I took a cellphone photo of Sea Glass that actually turned out color accurate so I’m using it for this post also! 😉

Is that not, the most gorgeous teal you’ve seen in awhile? I always say my favorite color is red, but I think my favorite polish color (right now) is teal! I just can’t get enough!

I am showing one (thickish) coat of Sea Glass. It seemed very full coverage, but I did notice a little patchy spot in direct sunlight so I may have been better with 2 thinner coats. 😉 Several of the polishes in this collection have a pretty satin shimmer to them that makes me think of velvet.

I can’t wait to try out the rest of this set!


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