Winter Nails 2.0

It’s time for round two of Llama Nails Winter Theme! Winter makes me think of poinsettia! I love that beautiful pop of red, white and green so I used them as my Winter 2.0 inspiration!

Beautiful aren’t they? Click the photo to hop over to a poinsettia care and history page if you’d like some little factoids you can spout off to your family this year at the Christmas dinner table! 😉

Here’s what I came up with!

winter1 winter2

Every time I use Revlon Gold Coin I have trouble photographing it… sorry. My camera is going to shit so I used my cell phone for these and trust me when I say “You’re Welcome!”. I’m going to have to go camera shopping after Christmas! I started with Revlon Gold Coin which has a beautiful golden foil look to it. Next I painted one thin coat of Sephora Looks Like Rain, Dear. You can see a lot of little reflective blurry spots on my nails… that’s the glitter from Looks Like Rain, Dear! In real life the stamping is subtle, but not as subtle as my pictures show. :-\

I used Vivid Lacquer’s VL035 plate along with OPI The Show Must Go On and LA Colors VOODOO.

Wish I could have gotten better photos for you all! 😥

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