Miss me?

It’s been a very long time since I’ve written a blog post now, so long that it has made me question whether I should start this post or not. I’m still painting my nails, but not at the fervent pace I was when I last blogged. I was on a path to burn out on my favorite hobby and I didn’t want that to happen.

By the time I was 13 I had a Caboodle Case full of nail polish. 2632_4_5afffe

For your listening pleasure.

I was always painting each nail a different color, or adding stripes, dots, etc. 😉 I have always loved polish and I want to always feel that passionate about it. Painting my nails every single day and then blogging them had become a chore that I was not in love with. I should have written a little farewell post explaining to you all  where I was in my life and how I was feeling, but as I often do I just closed up and fell away from it all. I still painted and posted photos on Instagram once every week or two. I liked other people’s nail posts & pictures on Facebook. I even made a snapchat (but it’s mostly personal life). I just needed to slow my nail roll and I’m sorry I didn’t explain to my dearest nail friends and followers before I just stopped posting here to you all. I hope you understand.😚

I’m not coming back to an everyday posting schedule because I don’t want to fall behind and feel like it’s a job or a chore again. I want to enjoy my nails and share a little of my everyday life with you. 😀 If you follow me on Insta you’ll see a ton of my everyday life. LOL! Tons of pictures of my little dog Peanut, food and sometimes my 2 kids or hubby. You can also catch me on snapchat username: OurPaintedWorld… usually different stuff gets posted to Instagram and snapchat. 😉

I used Jamberry Nail Wraps for my St. Patrick’s Day manicure this year.

I know some people in the nail community are very anti-jams, but I am not one of them. I have a Rep that is a facebook friend, who appreciates my nail art and the way I incorporate her product into my nail art. She enjoys showing her other customers my nail photos so they can see that you can use them with polish & she also offers other Jamberry nail decal ideas for people who don’t want to paint their nails, but want to get a similar look. 😉 Not all Jamberry Reps are monsters, I promise.

On this manicure I used:
Jamberry Shamrockin,
Pure Ice Crushed with Orly Bling,
Revlon Posh with Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Shimmer,
Pure Ice Femme Fatale with SH-Hard as nails Shimmer


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