How Was Your Easter?

We always spend Easter at my parent’s house. This year my mom and daughter decided on several new recipes for dinner. I mentioned them in my last post. Our ham, green beans & candied yams turned out delicious as always. The new recipes weren’t all a hit with us. 😕 The shrimp pasta primavera dish would have been good with less lemon zest. ll The potato & asparagus side dish was a little too spicy and had too much dressing. We won’t be making it again at all. 😣 The lemon mousse was delicious and super lemony. I think next time I’ll have the berries on the side. I did strawberries in the main dessert, but I made my mom 2 single servings with kiwi. I think it would be delicious with blueberries also. I didn’t get any pictures of our dinner table, but here are our desserts.
From left to right my daughter made homemade chocolate cupcakes, my mom made strawberry jello pie, lemon mousse with kiwi for mommy, and my lemon mousse with strawberries.
Closeup of those cupcakes. They were amazing! The cupcake was the perfect deep chocolate that every cupcake should be and her icing was a little salty to balance all that sweetness. You should all be a little jealous. 😉
Here are a few more photos from Easter.


The evening before Easter there was much to be done, so I got my trusty wine glass out and cooked up a storm while drinking our homemade peach raspberry sangria. (an entire bottle) 😂😂😂 oh my! Everything turned out delicious, so my wine doused love must have worked! 😍


The kids are getting older (16 & soon to be 20) and they asked for very specific candy this year. Snickers for my little man and jolly ranchers & caramel cream eggs for my girly.


Feeling fancy. I literally only wore these shoes for this picture. We take our shoes off in the house! 😂👠


Every year I make around 18-22 deviled eggs and every year my family complains that there are not enough. This year I made 30 eggs and these are the 2 that made it home. They were gone before we went to bed. 😮


After dinner my hubby had to go to work (afternoon shift sucks), & my daughter went back to school so this handsome guy and I went to the park. We hiked a trail and did a little fishing before coming home and watching The Walking Dead!

GAH! A week later and I see I never posted this from my pone!!! So sorry!!!

I never actually got around to painting my nails for Easter because I was cooking up a storm  drinking a bottle of wine the night before. It was naked nails for Easter, then the next day I did these beauties.

I started with a england fonteyne and for the stripes I used KB Shimmer vinyl decals and L’Oreal The Reign Of Studs. The half moons were made using Reign Of Studs and my trusty masking fluid Digital Nails Questionable Browser History.

  • You can find a-england at many shops. Their website has a great list.
  • KB Shimmer has a great webstore and an etsy store! I think they sell on Amazon also! I’ll have to check and get back to you on that one.
  • I think I have seen L’Oreal in every drug store/big box store out there. It’s a great and readily available brand! Having trouble? Find it here.

Next post will be what I wore for my daughter’s 20th birthday dinner!!! I’m working on that manicure tonight!

!XO XO XO_srprz49-SSC-UC




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